I’d like to die buried in these

I'd like to die buried in these

Recently, one of my friends from work brought in a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Now, I am a pretty decent baker, but when I say these were good, it is an understatement. They were moist, and chewy, and soft, and delicious. Literally, to die for. So I went home and attempted to make my own batch, using her recipe. Safe to say, they were not as good as hers. Now, I am not one to let someone beat me, so I decided to try again. This time, I altered the recipe. Instead of adding vanilla pudding powder into the mix, I added chocolate powder. As well, I threw in some cocoa to make it a chocolate based cookie. Just wow. The results were better than expected. You might orgasm a bit when you eat this cookie. It is the most damn delicious thing I have ever eaten. My jealousy over her extraordinary baking skills, pushed me to trump her. I would have to say, I won this cookie war. I brought her in a cookie to verify, and she said her next batch will be made this way. tee hee.


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