Into the blue

Last spring, my boyfriend and I traveled to Amsterdam to go visit my dad. On our way there, we took a stop over in Iceland. I have always wanted to travel there, and it did not disappoint! So scenic and beautiful. We ate at fantastic restaurants overlooking the water, went ATVing through the lava fields; and of course did some whale watching. Despite all of these amazing adventures, I think the best part was the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, which is rich in sulfur and silica. It is a pretty interesting experience. The air outside was around 7 degrees, and the water is moderately cooler than a hot tub. You can hit up the bar and have a drink while you are in there. Makes the experience that much better 😉 I highly recommend visiting Iceland to take in all the beauty there. Here are a few shots of my trip!

398875_3217843299095_1759488570_n 537709_3217872619828_1915456390_n 547648_3217871899810_1064150973_n 560302_3217862459574_2140463565_n


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