The holy grail

My basic makeup routine includes a bold lipstick and mascara. I may add a hint of blush or shadow, but overall, I stick to the basics. With that being said, it is critical to have an incredible mascara if you are doing such a simplistic look. I have tried MAC, Lancome, Chanel, majority of the cheaper drugstore brands, and never have I found a product that rivals my favourite mascara. By far the best mascara I have ever used is by Make Up For Ever, their smoky lash extra black mascara.

(non-waterproof version)

(non-waterproof version)


  • volumizes
  • no residue
  • long lasting
  • thickens


  • price, 22 dollars plus tax. Plus, you’ll use it so often that you will need to replace it frequently!!

You can purchase it at any Sephora, or any other carrier of makeup forever. I strongly recommend getting yourself this mascara, it will change your life, or at least your lashes!


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