Dare I say it?

Acne is a big problem for a lot of people, myself included. While I may have been spared bad acne on my face, my back was not quite as lucky. I suffer from the beautiful term known as “backne”. During the end of elementary school and the start of high school, I was tormented by my backne. Finding me in a tank top was beyond a rarity. I was so insecure about it, I didn’t even like to go swimming, because the chlorine made it flare up even worse. In grade 10, I began using a birth control pill called Yasmin, specifically for my acne and horrific cramping. It did wonders for my skin, I stayed on this pill for 7 years, until I begun to question some of the side effects of the medication. After coming off the pill, my backne returned with a vengeance. I reverted back to my insecure self, and found that so many of the shirts I used to love were now completely unwearable.

I tried several different creams and washes, both over the counter and prescription, and it seemed like my backne would always win against them. The only sure fire way to reduce the acne was to burn in the sun. This would dry out my pores, and at least make my skin bearable. It wasn’t until going to South East Asia that I noticed a difference in my skin. At first, I thought it was the sun, but then I realized it was another factor, dairy. while in SEA, I wasn’t eating practically any dairy, and it made a hugeee difference in my skin. Once I came home, I continued my regiment of dairy reduction, and it has changed my life.

Please, if you are someone who suffers from acne, try cutting out dairy. It will be tough, I love my yogurts and sour cream and milk is literally my favorite drink, but it needed to be done. Rather than saturating your skin in chemicals, try the natural route. Reducing dairy from your diet will help to reduce inflammation and reddness in the skin. Your acne will appear smaller, and less red. It has given me the confidence to put a tank top back on. I won’t lie, my skin isn’t perfect, but it is significantly better. Gradually, I have read, you can incorporate a little bit of dairy back into your diet. When you begin, you need to cut it out completely. Try it out, see the difference, and let me know if it works for you too!


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