Pattern, print, color

I am really trying to broaden my fashion horizons. I find that I constantly return to the colors, prints, and shapes that I feel safest in. Of course, recognizing what looks good on you is very important. Once you do however, I think it is good to diversify and find out what else compliments your body. Generally speaking, I let my lipstick do the talking when it comes to incorporating color, but I need to open up my wardrobe to some light. I decided to look into the desirable colors for 2013, and found that has created a palette of the popular colors for spring.

(spring 2013 colors)

As I am very fair skinned, I think that a lot of these colors can work well for my complexion. Actually getting something in a color is a totally different story though 😛 I think my best bet, is to start slow, and integrate prints, shapes, and pattern into my wardrobe. Here is a collection of looks that I think are stunning. I would love to find something to replicate these styles.

(Valentino & Elie-Saab)

(Valentino & Elie-Saab)




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