Oh so sensitive

Oh so sensitive

I have been unfortunately graced with extremeeelllyyy sensitive skin. I burn quick, bruise easy, and react negatively to most skin products. For someone like me, the queen bee of sensitivity, I need to be really cautious about what goes on my face. I have found lots of makeup products that work great for my face, but taking it off is a different story. I used to grab whatever makeup remover would be lying around my house; until I realized that certain products would leave my face feeling sore, red and puffy.

To cater to my sensitive skin, I decided that I should invest in something higher quality to reduce inflammation and irritation. La Roche-Posay has a great range of products that I think are fantastic for, as they term it, “reactive skin”. This makeup remover leaves my face feeling soft, and clean of residue. It is a gel formula, so it really works its way into your makeup. I would highly recommend picking this product up if you have reactive skin. It is worth the money for someone with sensitive skin!



  1. Samantha · March 18, 2013

    How does the gel work? Do you just put in on a cotton pad, and then rub off the makeup? How does it not leave a residue?

    • carlybe · March 18, 2013

      You can apply it to a cotton pad, or a soft hand cloth. The gel swipes right off without leaving any oily feel, like some other removers. Also, it removes pretty much all of your makeup in one try, no need for rubbing and irritating the skin.

      • Samantha · March 18, 2013

        Interesting! I’ve just never heard of gel remover before.

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