Breath it in

Breath it in

During one of our transitions in yoga today, the instructor said, “hands to the earth, palms to the heavens, and hearts to the sky.” She was encouraging us to connect mind, body and soul with our practice. Im not an overly spiritual person, but these words really resonated with me. Sometimes, I walk around with my head in the clouds. I obsess over useless things, and lead my heart with negative emotions. I want to bring myself back down. Open myself up to criticism, and try and change my faults. When I feel down, I really drown in it. Im hoping that I can open myself up to fixing this type of attitude. I am in control of my energy. If I feel like mine is down and depressive, I need to lean on those around me who are positive and uplifting. There is nothing wrong with feeding off of each others energy. I don’t want to drown anymore. It is time to learn how to swim.


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