Healthy muffins? Yes please

I am addicted to baked goods. There, I said it. I am willing to come clean about my addiction. I just can’t help but get sucked into a freshly baked treat. When they come out warm, and fresh, and the aromas just fill up the kitchen. Just heaven. The down side to baked goods is that they tend to be on the more unhealthy spectrum of food. Well, have I got the cure for you! I found a website with a recipe for healthy banana muffins. Now, I can have my cake and eat it too! Or I guess I should say my muffin.

Regardless, take a look at the recipe. You can play around with the mixture a bit. Add some flax seed, or try using some different types of flours. Personally, I cut down the oil in the recipe by adding 1/3 of a cup of apple sauce. In lieu of using 2/3 of a cup of oil. I will say, the muffins come out a bit dense, but that does not detract me from making them. They still satisfy the craving of having a tasty baked good. Today, I pumped the muffins full of fresh blueberries, but I have also tried strawberries and chocolate chip (if you need an extra treat 😉 ) all of them have been delicious! Here are some pictures of my baking process.  P.S, eat these bad boys while they are hot, they taste extra good that way!

photo   hoto


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