Cupcake surprises

I just turned 24 two days ago, yay!! Unfortunately, my man was not able to come and celebrate with me, because he is still writing his exams. Even though he couldn’t be with me, he wanted to be there in spirit, so he sent 24 delicious cupcakes to me while I was at work. First off, so romantic.  Secondly, the cupcakes were incredible! He wanted to find a specialty cupcake shop, that would deliver, to make my birthday extra special, and boy, did he come through.

He started looking for cupcake options, and ended up contacting a store named Ginger’s Cupcakes and Desserts. As a student, his budget for cupcakes was slightly limited, but the owner was exceptionally giving and understanding. He explained that he wanted an assortment of 24 cupcakes to send to my work, and she not only lowered the price, but included shipping for free! She even added a few decorations, which normally cost a bit extra, and a card.


Vanilla, Red Velvet, Caramel, Double Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate with Vanilla Icing, Lemon, Strawberry, and Blueberry Cheesecake 🙂

Everyone who tried a cupcake loved them, and they really made my birthday that much more special. My boyfriend said, he was unsure whether to send me roses or cupcakes, but ultimately, knew a foodie like me would appreciate the cupcakes more. Safe to say, he was right 🙂

paaa Poo


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