DIY bandwagon

DIY bandwagon

I have recently become obsessed with all of the DIY projects featured on Honestly WTF. I am not the most creative person, and I struggle with making things look nice, even with instructions; but I am still convinced I can attempt some of the projects posted on this site. I started off simple, with mastering the “pull bracelet”. The pull bracelet (not sure if that is the official name :P) is simply making a stitch on the bracelet so that you can take it on and off without trying to rip it off your wrist. I chose a simple cobra stitch, and added some silver balls to the mix, to make an easy and pretty bracelet. My mom ended up loving it, so I gave it to her 🙂 I need to finesse my skills, but completing this bracelet gave me a serious self confidence boost. I feel like now I can conquer anything!! Just kidding, I still suck haha, but I do think I will be able to get better with time!


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  1. redlipsandblackmascara · June 3, 2013

    Cool! I am going to check out this DIY website!

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