Beauty and the beast










This morning I decided to check out my freezer for whatever meat is lurking in its frosty hiding spots. I pulled out, what I believed to be turkey sausage, and set it on my counter to thaw. I came back in a few hours to check out the progress, and when I got there I realized, I was a moron. What I had actually pulled out of the freezer, was peeled bananas that my mom put in a zip lock so I could bake with them. Tee hee. So, I skipped the dinner plan and started baking.

Perhaps I should have taken the tone of this morning as a bad omen, but I proceeded to make some banana bread regardless. When I pulled my loaf out of the oven, and checked it, I believed that my banana bread was cooked and ready to cool. It wasn’t until I cut into it that I saw the entire center was raw. Like squishy banana chocolaty explosion, kind of raw. I cut off the bits that were cooked, popped it back in the oven and re-baked the remainder. Safe to say, it wasn’t too pretty.

Oh well, I will toss the extra banana bread pieces on some ice cream and call it a day. You can’t win them all!


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