Meat me at the bbq

I would seriously consider moving to a warmer country, just so I could barbecue all year round. Nothing beats the flavour of grilled food. I will eat food I don’t even normally like, if it has been cooked on a barbecue. Normally, I go right for meat when I heat up my grill. I love cooking a perfect medium rare steak, or crisping up some chicken drenched in a delicious marinade.  I also love throwing veggies on the grill, coated in some olive oil; but they are always an accompaniment for my meat, rather than the main act.

Thats when I got to thinking, maybe I should invest in some meatless weekdays. Summer is the perfect time to pilot a vegetarian menu. I already know I love grilled veggies, it is just a matter of finding which ones fill me up, and satisfy my hunger. I decided that I would test run a meatless meal with some marinated portebello mushrooms, and olive oil coated eggplant and peppers. I put my grilled veggies on top of a bed of quinoa, and it turned out delicious.

oto poto

If you were curious, I marinated the mushrooms in a sauce I made with a splash of soy, some sugar, fresh garlic, and some oyster sauce. The mushrooms sucked it all up, and I could have eaten a million of them. I think I can get used to some meat free days if my food ends up tasting this good!


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