Flat out no.

Flat out no.

Charlotte Olympia-Valentino-Mara and Mine

I can’t begin to explain how much I adore all of these flats. They are all so charming in their own way, which I am automatically drawn to. I have always prided myself on finding pieces that are a little more edgy, or unique, and I think all of these flats fit the bill for me. Unfortunately, I just cannot wrap my head around expensive flats. With the exception of the skull flats by Mara and Mine, the other pairs come in at over 700 dollars. I mean, common, don’t you think that is a little excessive?

I know that not every shoe is created equally, but I just don’t believe that flats should ever cost more than 200 dollars. They are made of nothing, and use so much less material compared to high heels, or boots. I wish I could say yes to one of these beauties, but I just will not allow myself the pleasure. However, I wouldn’t say no to a gift…


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