Im sorry, we have to diagnose you with onlineshoppingitis

Me, my computer, and my credit card, should never be left in the same room together when I am bored. I have this magical ability to convince myself that I need something new almost anytime I get anywhere near a computer. There are so many great websites nowadays to peruse for a good deal.ย  I will admit, I strictly shop online for sales. Reason being, anything brand new, I can find in perfect condition in the store. However, searching through sale racks can be annoying, frustrating, and often times produce damaged goods. I find that when you order sale items off of a website, they come shipped in a much better condition, compared to what can be found in a store sale rack. I have some go to websites when I am looking for items. I love Urban Outfitters for dresses and skirts. I always use ASOS for jewelery; and recently I have been checking out Zara. I haven’t gotten my shipment from Zara yet, so I have yet to make a decision about whether I am happy with their products. All I can say about online shopping is that it is dangerous, addictive, and one of my vices. If you are going to fall prey to the online world, here are a few of my live by tips.

  1. Always read user reviews. They will give you some great info about how the product actually fits.
  2. Scour the sale sections! You can always find some goodies that you may have over looked when they were regular price
  3. If buying clothing, only purchase from somewhere you can return for free. Or, make sure you have tried it on first.
  4. Do your research, just because it seems like a steal, doesn’t mean it is. Make sure to not get swindled by a red sale tag.

Happy shopping, be careful not to catch the bug ๐Ÿ˜‰


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