A year in the Dam

A year in the Dam

Okay, I totally fell off the blogesphere, but in my defence I was busy prepping for my year in Amsterdam, and I have since been learning how to be Dutch. Its pretty simple to fit in here, drink lots of beer and be super stealthy on a bicycle. The rain sucks, but everything else about this city is marvellous. Personally, I see Amsterdam as an urban village. You have the small world charm of a little city, without losing any of the big city flavour. You have amazing shopping, great cafes, a vibrant night life, and yet you can be from end to end of this city in 30 mins on a bike. The dutch make you feel at home, and are super accommodating about you flagging them down for directions when you get lost (which I do constantly) I look forward to my year here, and can’t wait to see what this city has to offer!


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