Swedish berries never tasted so good

Swedish berries never tasted so good

I just returned from beautiful Stockholm. I was visiting one of my best friends who is currently on exchange in Sweden, and she is a lucky girl! Stockholm is like a fairytale story. Huge colourful buildings, women that look like princesses and cobblestone streets. I enjoyed my time with a boat trip around the islands, taking in museums and having coffee and cinnamon buns (swedish speciality) I would love to go back and check out Stockholm again, I think a few days is too short to see any city. The next time I go, I will be more prepared for how expensive the city is, I had a bit of sticker shock every where I went! I still need to see so much of Scandinavia, so I think a few other places will be on my list before I return to Sweden, but I definitely hope to go there again.



  1. koreanmutt · October 24, 2013

    such a pretty picture!

    • carlybe · October 24, 2013

      Thank you! Thats sweet of you to say 🙂

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