Get me some Delevingne brows.

I have always been drawn to Cara Delevingnes brows. They are just too fabulous. Try as I may, I cannot seem to reach any sort of brow perfection myself. My eyebrows grow straight across, and thin. Ive tried waxing them a few times, but they just end up skinny straight messes. What I really want, is a thick brow line. I recently stopped by a benefit shop in London, and the lady working there recommended tinting. She said that it will bring out the blond hairs around my eyebrows, so I can use them to help shape a nicer arch. I am seriously contemplating tinting my brows, but I’m always a big chicken with new beauty products. I don’t think the tinting lasts too long though, so I figure its worth a shot! If it will get me any closer to brow perfection, I think I have to try it.


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