Boho chic

Boho chic

My hairdresser recommended cutting down on washing my hair. He said it locks in the natural oils, and helps to keep it healthy. The down side, is greasy locks. I am constantly looking for new hairstyles that look cute, and keep my greasy hair out of my face. Milkmaid braids are the perfect option for medium-long hair. Your hair is completely off of you, and you end up with a chic bohemian inspired look. It is honestly the easiest hairstyle to do. All you need is some small elastics, the ability to french braid, and a ton of bobby pins 😉 (one day ill learn how to use less bobby pins) Youtube has some great tutorials if you aren’t familiar with how to do the milkmaid braids. I think this style is the perfect homage to my temporary home in the Netherlands. I hope it helps me blend in!



  1. MishkaZLawrence · December 23, 2013

    Gorgeous! x

  2. Débora Passos e Verônica Abreu · December 23, 2013

    Nice Post!! Come check it out our blog , it´s about fashion, beauty and travel, and if you like…follow us!! thanks!

  3. Amria · December 23, 2013

    Aww really cute! ^_^

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