Island hopping

Island hopping

I realize that the term island hopping is probably rarely associated with The Netherlands, but it is definitely something amazing to check out! I went with a group of friends to an island called Texel, in Den Helder. We decided to seize the opportunity of a sunny day, and go off on an adventure. Den Helder is about an hour and forty five minutes away from Amsterdam by train, so it is a decently quick journey, and it is a must see if you come to visit Holland. We took a ferry to Texel and spent the day strolling the beach along the North Sea and climbing the paths through the hills. I have never been to Ireland, but Texel lined up with my idea of what Ireland looks like. We had lunch at a little cafe over looking the water, and it was such a magical experience. I will be returning in summer when the beaches will be a little more full and I can stroll along with an ice cream 🙂 I definitely consider Texel a must see!!


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