“Your best frie…

“Your best friend is a bad influence on your wallet, but a fabulous influence on your closet” – Kirsten McNeill

My best friend recently dropped that line on me, and I thought it perfectly described our relationship. Sometimes you need the encouragement to commit on a great product, despite it breaking the bank 😉 But hey, you need to treat yourself every now and again! Or frequently, all the time, every day… 


Hats off to that.

Hats off to that.

The search for the perfect hat has taken me much longer than I anticipated. I wanted one that was classic, and good quality. A few caught my eye, but were usually over 50 euros, and I just couldn’t justify the money. I kept zoning in on the big black floppy wool hats. I think they are the perfect accessory for fall and winter. The wool keeps your head warm, and a hat is always a nice way to spice up an outfit. After searching for what felt like ages, I finally came across the perfect specimen at a vintage market. The owner was in the process of packing up when the hat caught my eye in a bin. I tried it on, and was unsure at first about whether I could rock it. I love hats, but they also make me feel a little self conscious when they are on the bigger end because they draw so much attention. After a bit of deliberation, I decided I was confidant enough to wear it, and at 10 euros for a real wool hat, it was a steal! I have to say, I got a lot of stares walking around in this hat. Im not sure if it looks weird, or it makes me look good, but it definitively attracts a lot of attention. Im not sure how I feel about that yet, but I’m pretty smitten, so I think Ill just own it.


Before my trip to Morocco, my friend gave me a disposable camera. I can’t really remember the last time I had a disposable camera in my hands, it was pretty exciting. As much as I love digital photography, you really can’t beat the magic of getting your pictures developed and finding all the hidden gems buried within. I still have another 7 pictures to take on my camera before I can take the film in, so I want to try and make them memorable of my time in Amsterdam. Just for fun, go out and buy a disposable. Take some pictures of friends and family, or a vacation, and then get them developed and enjoy the surprise 🙂 Not knowing exactly how the picture will look, or whether you caught the moment, is exciting! It will only make your photos that much more special. 



After coming home from Milan, my friend and I realized we haven’t spent enough time wandering around Amsterdam and taking in the city. We decided to walk around the Jordaan, and ended up stumbling upon the most adorable cafe on this planet. When we came in the woman offered us an english menu, but we explained that we are trying to learn Dutch, so we would like a Dutch menu. After hearing that we were trying to learn, she began to speak slower so that we could follow what she was saying. Then, she sat down next to us when we were ordering and broke down the menu in dutch and taught me how to tell people that I am Lactose Intolerant in Dutch. I have never had better service in my life! She was the sweetest woman, and it was a fantastic restaurant. It wasn’t fancy, but everything was very tasty and presented in such an adorable way. Also the restaurant specializes in Lactose and Gluten allergies, so if you suffer from either of these, this is the place for you! I would highly recommend checking out Piqniq if you are in Amsterdam!

Personal Milestone

Today I got my 100th follower!! Okay, I realize its not that impressive compared to most blogs, but it felt pretty special to me! I have never really followed through with anything, and this blog has been one of the few things that I have stuck to long enough to feel proud. So I guess I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has followed me, you have given me the motivation to keep on writing, and have made my words feel valuable ❤❤❤

Fes to Marrakech

Arriving in Fes was like stepping into a dream. We were taken deep into the heart of the Medina, where our Riad was located, and were ushered into a house that looked like it came out of Arabian Nights. The Riad has blue and yellow tiles that line the floors and walls, huge wooden doorways with detailed carvings, and an open ceiling to let in the light and fresh air, It was beyond gorgeous. Image

We explored the city of Fes, stumbling upon some beautiful lookout points that captured the whole city and the mountains, and ate our fair share of Tagine. We spent time smoking shisha on our terrace, and taking in the smells and sounds of the city.  Fes was a pretty magical part of our trip. After that, we moved on to our guided tour towards the desert. We spent so much time in the car, but that is the reality when you are travelling through half of the country. I think ideally, the tour that we took should be done in 4 days, instead of 3, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We took a camel ride through the desert and into a traditional Berber camp. We spent the night by a fire and stayed up staring at the most stars I have ever seen in my life. Then we woke up bright and early to catch the sunrise over the dunes.


Following our Sahara visit we went to go see the Todarah Gorge which is located on the other side of Morocco. We finished our trip in the city of Ouarzazate. Here we saw some ancient Berber settlements, and explored some of the movie sets where shows like Game of Thrones are filmed. Then, we finally ended up in Marrakech! Marrakech is a bristling city, that is more modern than Fes. While it had its own charms, I think I still enjoyed Fes more. We walked around the city, sat on terraces and enjoyed some Moroccon Whiskey (mint tea and spices, and huge serving of sugar) and visited the Souks to try out our haggling skills.


Overall, the trip really couldn’t have been better. I feel like I got a chance to soak in the culture, eat some tasty street food, and enjoy the different cities in Morocco. I would recommend giving Morocco a visit if you are looking for something a little bit different, but still not completely off the grid 🙂