Scandinavian Embassy

Few places sweep me off my feet from the moment that I walk in, but Scandinavian Embassy is most certainly one of them. This restaurant boasts an open design with rustic charm. The perfect place to take someone visiting Amsterdam. It is like a mini vacation to a scandinavian country, without every leaving A’dam. The food is eccentric and delicious; and their coffee is made under the guidance of Nicholas Castagno, an avid Coffee competitor, participating in events such as the World Brewers Cup. I went for a filtered coffee, which is served on a wooden slab with a beautiful carafe, which I paired with a pulled beef sandwich. The coffee was sweet, with a nice aftertaste, and went surprisingly well with the sandwich. The sandwich wasn’t even on the menu, but the chef was happy to make use of the slow cooked brisket from the night before, and served it on top of fresh sourdough bread, red cabbage coleslaw and topped it with some thinly sliced apples and fresh herbs. My friend chose a classic breakfast with a twist, poached egg on top of sourdough bread, accompanied by reindeer sausage. She told me it was equally divine. I would count this as a must visit while in Amsterdam! The staff are wonderful, and are committed to an amazing dining experience. Check it out, you are guaranteed a lovely time.



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