Better than eggspected.

Better than eggspected.

I know, puntastic title, but I couldn’t resist. Whenever I am running low on groceries, I make meals that can easily incorporate all of my leftover ingredients. In this case, I was left with some eggs, mushrooms and broccoli. I decided I would go for something fancier than scrambled eggs with a side of broccoli, and ended up with this pretty frittata. While it isn’t exactly a traditional frittata, it is close enough! I sautéed my mushrooms, and boiled my broccoli until it was just a little bit soft. I cut the broccoli into little pieces, seasoned it and put a little olive oil and soy sauce on it. After scrambling my eggs with a little garlic and hot sauce, I threw them in the pan over top of the mushrooms. Tossed the broccoli on top, covered the pan, and let it cook. Usually I would let the bottom cook, and then throw it in the oven to finish off the job, but my apartment doesn’t have a stove, so I had to improvise a bit. I ended up with a delicious, healthy, low fat meal. I felt happy and satisfied after, and by after I mean once I had some cookies and nutella for dessert 😉 Life is all about balance. For me, that includes a substantial dose of chocolate, at least once a day.


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