Fresh mint lemonade

Fresh mint lemonade

As the good weather and sunshine rolls into Amsterdam, as does my desire for a fresh cocktail and a nice patio. Recently, the builders added a really nice backyard to our building. It looks over a small river, and has big wooden benches to sprawl out and enjoy the sun. It only seemed appropriate that I start celebrating the spring season with a big batch of mint lemonade. I started with a simple syrup and then added the fresh mint leaves and fresh lemons to taste. I realize I’m using my coffee bodom as a pitcher, but as a university student I don’t have all the kitchen gadgets I normally use at home. It definitively gets the job done though. On the next sunny day I plan on adding a little gin to the mix, and sitting outside and soaking in the rays. This drink is great with or without alcohol though, super fresh and tasty!


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