Chocolate and Coconut

Im not sure why, but I used to loathe coconut. The second it was in any dessert, I immediately shunned it. I guess its true what they say about your taste buds changing as you get older, because now I am on team coconut! I have an extreme sweet tooth, and I am constantly craving a treat after I eat. So, I decided to whip up a batch of my healthy banana cookies, and spoil myself with a chocolate topping. I realize adding a tidal wave of chocolate somewhat downgrades the health element of the cookie, but it was necessary 🙂 I have posted the recipe for my healthy banana bites in my blog, so you can go check it out in my older posts. This time, I added in some coconut, that I toasted for extra flavour. After rolling the cookies in chocolate, I also garnished them with some toasted coconut. They turned out fantastic. To be honest, they are closer to mini muffins in texture than they are cookies, but I’m not complaining. My one miscalculation was how much chocolate I should melt for the cookies, I ended up with lots of extra chocolate, and a bit of extra toasted coconut. I knew it would be such a shame to waste, so I got out some pretzels and dipped them in the chocolate and sprinkled them with the remainder of the coconut. Now I have two sweet treats to alternate between. I am a happy girl!



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