Blossoming beauties

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the cherry blossoms. Amsterdam has a fairly large Japanese Diaspora. In 2000, the Japanese Womens Club donated 400 cherry blossom trees to the city of Amstelveen. Half of the trees were named after Japanese women, and the other half was given Dutch women’s names. A portion of these trees make up the large garden in Amsterdamse Bos. I went with my family to go visit the garden this weekend, and unfortunately we had caught the tail end of the cherry blossoms blooming. Cherry blossoms have an incredibly short season, so by the time we visited, they were already white and on the end of their life. But alas, it was nonetheless beautiful. Amsterdam hasn’t really experienced any sort of winter this year, so the blossoms came out much earlier than normal. Usually, the blossoms only begin to start coming out around this time. If you are ever in Amsterdam during March or April, I would recommend heading over to Amsterdamse Bos to enjoy the trees, it is an experience you won’t regret! ImageImage



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