Egg innovation

Egg innovation

Really, this isn’t much different than frying a couple eggs, but it does look much cuter πŸ˜‰ I decided to be all Pintrest inspired and give these egg cups a try. Firstly, make sure you cut the peppers level, because I didn’t and the majority of the egg spilled out of one of the cups. I ended up just letting it cook and eating it separately, but still, it would have been nicer if it stayed in the pepper! I seasoned up the eggs and let them fry, but it took so long to cook the egg through. Soooo I got lazy and pulled them off the pan and let them finish in my toaster oven. I added a little cheese on top, just for extra deliciousness. They were tasty, but nothing exceptional haha. I think they are just meant to impress people. Regardless, it was nice to try, but I wouldn’t be rushing to recreate them.


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