Soy delicious

I cut out dairy a long while ago to see if it would help with my acne. Gradually, I noticed that my acne was getting less serious, but the lure of real cheese was too strong. Once I started living in Amsterdam I slowly started to cave back into the world of dairy. If you lived here you would fully understand my hardship. I didn’t notice too much of an increase in my acne, but one thing I did notice was that I would get SUPER bloated after eating dairy. I think cutting dairy out of my diet made me develop a slight lactose intolerance. Alas, I am back on the dairy less train, and I have been trying to reinterpret the dishes I love with dairy substitutes. Pretty much the only thing I can’t live without is pizza. I lust for pizza everyday of my life. Last night, I decided I would use my leftover pulled chicken for a bbq chicken pizza. I visited an organic grocery store that carried soy cheese and I promptly began making my pizza. I went full fledged, I even made a whole wheat crust from scratch – surprisingly easy! After loading my pizza up with a mountain of toppings, I added on my soy cheese and threw it in my toaster oven for 25 mins. While it is not as good as pizza with real cheese, it definitely satisfied my pizza craving. So easy to make, and very fast. I foresee more solo pizza parties in my future. 




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