Sushi chef extraordinaire

My girlfriends purchased a sushi making coupon from Groupon for my birthday, and we went to Sushi Time last night to use it. The coupon included a three hour sushi making session, unlimited wine and beer, and take home boxes so you could make extra to go home with, for 15 euros per person!! Seriously, it was the best deal on earth. The downside was that the instructions were in Dutch, but the restaurant was extremely accommodating for us and brought over another staff member to sit at our table and translate the instructions for the more complicated rolls. We started with some basic sushi, then moved on to single ingredient rolls, and finished with the california roll style. The instructor explained that the California roll originated from a Japanese sushi chef who was living in California and realized that the Americans didn’t like eating the sushi because of the exposed nigiri. He decided to coat the outside of the roll with rice to hide the nigiri, and sushi sales were on the rise after that! I thought it was an interesting fun fact haha. Anyways, after lots of wine and rolls, we were stuffed and extremely satisfied. Each of us brought home a full box of rolls, and we are going to have a sushi making night at home now that we know how to make the rolls. If you are in Amsterdam, I would highly recommend purchasing the Groupon ImageImage


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  1. alifemoment · May 17, 2014

    Happy sushi there 🙂

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