Gravlax (thank you Norway)

Gravlax (thank you Norway)

My whole life, I thought that smoked salmon was the only type of cured salmon out there. Then I came to Amsterdam, and my whole life changed. Turns out, gravlax is a Norwegian variety of cured salmon that uses sugar, salt and dill to brine the fish and remains unsmoked. You have no idea how excited this made me. I love the taste of raw salmon, but I hate smoked foods. Gravlax has changed my world, so amen to the Norwegian folk who thought of this magical dish. Since my discovery, I have been putting that stuff on everything. Add some mustard, toss on some gravlax, instant perfection. My latest dish was a stroke of pure genius – if I do say so myself. I decided to poach some eggs, and add some gravlax on top. Nothing too fancy, until I added homemade guacamole! It was the perfect addition. Packed full of fresh lime and cilantro and a perfect compliment to the salty fish. Not to mention, it was super pretty. Definitely something I will serve at my next brunch! I urge you, if you are a non smoked salmon lover, and have thought that no cured salmon exists for you, try gravlax!! It is simply the best.


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