Summer crafts

Summer crafts

I like to take on little projects during summer because it gives me an excuse to sit outside and pretend its not just so I can tan :p Rest assured, I have also been wearing sunscreen, so it is PG 13 tanning. So far, I have completed two projects. The beaded one is an anklet, and the string one is a bracelet. I have never made a string bracelet before, and let me tell you, it took HOURS. I had no idea they took so long! I even consulted my bestie to see what it was like for her because I wasn’t sure if I was just slow or if that was the norm. She confirmed that it is in fact the norm. Its such a shame though, they look so pretty! I wish they didn’t take up so much time. I also purchased a crappy 1 euro bracelet with some charms on it, I’m going to break it open and scrap it for parts. Ill reuse the charms on the bracelet and make my own base. Im pretty excited to continue making bracelets, I want to have a nice stack for summer. I may even be nice and make some for my friends 🙂 Crafts are a really fun way to entertain yourself, and I think I may even diversify my projects and move out of the jewellery field to something new. Im just not sure what yet! If you have any ideas, let me know.


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