Wrap me up

Wrap me up

Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate at least one healthier meal into my eating. I love wine, I love carbs, and I love chocolate. So between those three, I haven’t been as skinny as I used to be. My biggest problem with healthy food is that I love cooking and I love flavour, and I find low fat recipes can scrimp on those elements. Too many healthy recipes rely on bringing down the fat content without replacing the flavour that the fat has. If you want to take away butter from a recipe, you better be adding something super tasty to take its place! Well, lately I’ve been experimenting with lettuce wraps. I don’t really scrimp on the calorie count of the food that I put in the wraps, but hey, at least I’m not eating three tortillas! My latest fix has been tuna lettuce wraps. Tuna is great because you can add pretty much any herb or vegetable to tuna and it will still taste good. Now, you may notice the strawberries I put on top. I know it might look a little weird, but I promise you it tastes amazing. Adding fruit to dishes that are more on the savoury side is almost always a good combination. Just make sure your fruit is ripe, the last thing you want is a sour tasting strawberry on top of your food. If its sweet, it will add just the right amount of sugar to compliment the flavours in your dish. This meal works out to being pretty cheap, especially if you don’t add the berries. Grab some tuna and go wild with whatever veggies you have in your fridge. You really can do no wrong!


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