Bring me to the picnic

Bring me to the picnic

I really love midi skirts. I find them very 1950’s glam. I saw this on Nasty Gals website for 17 dollars, and I thought to myself, yes. totally worth buying. It fits like a glove, and it is just the right length. As a shorter person length problems have been the number one reason that I have trouble wearing midi skirts. If they end too close to the knee it looks like an over sized normal skirt, and if it hangs too low I look like I have no legs. Luckily, this one did the trick 🙂 Now I’m going to scope out some vintage stores for more skirts like this. Im a little obsessed right now. Plus, this style has been so popular throughout time that they always have a great selection of midi skirts at vintage stores. Hopefully, Ill be adding some new ones to my wardrobe soon!


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