Sicilian memories

Italy is such an infectious place. Between the food, the wine and the assortment of beautiful people to watch, you are constantly bombarded with an overload of the senses. I have to say, I felt extremely lucky to travel through Italy with Italians. I think it is really difficult to get out of the tourist traps if you are not with Italian speakers. I came across very few people who spoke english, and I have heard from other peoples experiences that sometimes you can get really screwed over as a tourist in Italy. Luckily, I had the complete opposite experience. I met wonderful people and felt warm and welcomed as a result of my Italian travel buddies. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sicily. Just prior to my trip I had been warned that it was dirty, the people were scammers, and the traffic was terrible. Rather than let this get me down, I thought that I would go in with an open mind and hope for the best. Sicily turned out to be unreal, and I couldn’t have been happier 🙂 We used Syracuse as our base, and then travelled to a few cities that were close by. I would highly recommend using Syracuse as a base for anyone who is thinking about travelling Sicily in the future. It is close to many beautiful towns, and is developed enough to have a city vibe, without the grime and crime of Catania. Also, the Duomo is one of the nicest churches I have seen. It is not done in the Baroque style like many of the churches in the area. Rather, it is mostly stone and wood, and has a very traditional somber feeling. It is breathtaking. I left this trip 5 pounds heavier, and it was totally worth every bite 😉 Local favourites like Arancini, canoli, and pasta alla norma are a must try! Also, eat as much seafood as possible. It is so cheap, and fantastic quality. I think I ate octopus at least once a day. Overall, put Sicily on your travel list if it isn’t already. It is simply amazing.





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