De Parade


De Parade is a travelling theatre that tours through some of the bigger cities across the Netherlands during the summer. Amsterdam is the last stop on the tour. From August 8th until the 24th you can hop over to Martin Luther King Park and check out the shows! There are bands, dancers, actors and of course fantastic food and drinks. Each event costs money, so make sure you look into the performances ahead of time to find out which ones you would like to see. I am a sucker for carnival rides, and the event has this amazing swinging carousel that I knew I just had to go on. Basically, its a rickety old carousel with just a small chain holding you in. As it spins, there are three guys that catch your swing and throw you around to make you spin out of control. It was super dangerous, and tons of fun. I went on with one of my friends and we got an amazing polaroid to take home after. The atmosphere at De Parade is amazing. Since its located inside of a park there are huge trees all around the venue filled with lamps. You grab a cold beer and sit at the tables that are scattered under the lit up trees, and it is truly a perfect evening. This should be on your must-see list if you are visiting Amsterdam during August!


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