Round the corner

IMG_4563When you get caught up in routine it can be so easy to neglect the little beauties around you. I have been biking to work for a month now, and everyday I pass incredible scenery that I don’t take even one second to appreciate. Here I am, in such a beautiful country for only one more month, and I’m letting it all fly by me. So, for the past week I have been leaving early for work so I could ride along slowly and appreciate all of the wonderful nature that surrounds me. Its been very relaxing and calming. I get to work feeling refreshed and lighter inside. There is something really magical about the sun bouncing off of the canals. When it is sunny in Amsterdam, it is truly a miraculous sight. The canals sparkle, the flowers seem brighter, and the cobblestones reflect dark red and brown tones that you can’t see on a cloudy day. With one month left here, I need to soak up every second. Even if you have been living in a city for your whole life, it is still important to take it slowly and appreciate the beauty it has to offer. I promise it will be the perfect way to start your morning. Nothing puts you in a better mood than realizing how lucky you are.


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