Het Kaufhaus

My financial situation is a bit dreary at the moment. Logically, you would assume that means no more shopping. Reality, is that I shop for better values and less often. I know, not the brightest decision. What can I do though, I have an unhealthy addiction I’m not ready to curb 😉 I just came across an amazing vintage store in Amsterdam called Het Kaufhaus One of my favourite parts about the store is the organization. Vintage can often be a bit of an explosion. You walk in and are completely overwhelmed by the selection of pieces. Her store is organized by colour, which I find really helpful, and her pieces are all within a similar style family. Upon walking in, I found myself browsing in the knit section, and became instantly smitten with a peppered grey cable knit. I had fallen in love with a very similar piece at Zara, but it did not play nicely with my budget. At 17 euros, this sweater was a steal! I gave it a try, it fit like a glove, and I left the store with slightly less money, but twice as much happiness 🙂 Sadly, summer has pretty much run its course in Amsterdam, so I don’t suspect that it will be too long until I am able to wear it. Which is bittersweet, because now that I have this sweater I am a little more amped up for fall 😉



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