Elegantly Dishevelled

I used to think that the messy look was a literal concept. You took your hair, threw it in a ball, and voila! Perfect windswept look. In actuality, the messy style takes a little more finesse.  Im not a hair expert, nor do I care enough to do a proper messy style, so my take on it is the scaled down lazy version. When my hair is greasy and I need it up and out of my face, one of go to looks is the messy pony. I part my hair to the side, and then scoop it up to make the pony tail. This helps to give a little extra volume on top. I position my ponytail really high up, so that it kind of puffs around as I walk. Im not sure if that makes any sense, but that is the best way I can describe it 😉 Lastly, I pull out some pieces around my face and loosen some hairs that are sitting too close to my scalp. Thats it! I always pair a messy pony with a nice lipstick and some big earrings. I feel like this helps to make the look a little more sophisticated. If you want easy peasy in the morning, I think this look is a great option!

Photo on 2014-09-02 at 11.18 AM #3



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