Stretch it out

I used to do yoga fairly often. However, once I moved to Amsterdam I had to scrap yoga from the budget. I still like to challenge myself with new poses. So, I creep the yogi’s on Instagram and get some inspiration for moves I can learn. I am pretty strong, so I like to try out all of the arm balance poses. Also, I am constantly working on the flexibility in my back, so I also gravitate towards the hollow back poses. Recently, I saw a cool hollow back position on Insta that I thought I would give a try. Its basically a traditional hollow back, but you cross your leg over top of your other one and it adds extra pressure allowing you to go deeper into the pose. After a few tries I could definitely feel myself getting a deeper stretch. I need to make a more conscious effort to practice yoga. I have lost most of my flexibility, and I would like to work on getting it back. Hopefully I can start adding some late night yoga sessions into my routine before bed!



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