The best therapy is cookie therapy

Emotional stress can be a real killer. Its very easy to let it take over your life, and become entirely consumed by negative feelings. I find myself particularly vulnerable to emotional stress. So, when I start feeling down, I try to be proactive about the situation. One of the ways that I combat incoming stress is with baking. The healing powers of baking are not to be scoffed at. Not only does it force you to focus, which distracts you away from your problems, but it also leaves you with a sweet treat to indulge in that is sure to put a smile on your face. Make sure you don’t embark on something too difficult. Make some cookies, or rice krispy squares, or chocolate covered pretzels or marshmallows. Just something easy to give your mind a rest from whatever problems you might be having. It is some fantastic therapy, and it doesn’t cost very much 🙂 Next time you feel blue, take out some chocolate and start whipping up something fantastic.  Sometimes, you just need to bake the stress out of your life!




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