Bare bones budget

Its easy to get swept up during the halloween season. There are so many cute decor ideas, costumes and baking projects. Keeping my budget tight was a priority for me, so that meant getting creative with my costume. Originally, my friend and I had settled on doing some youtube DIY face paint project. We were going to test our art skills and paint on some creepy skeleton faces. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that our costume would be lacking without some additional skeleton details. Of course, adding the details is where your budget can grow steadily out of control. It starts with something small here and there, but it all adds up in the end to being way more than what you bargained for. Regardless, I went hunting for some skeleton accessories. I found myself strolling through a party supply store, when a toddler skeleton costume caught my eye.  I decided I would take a peak, just out of curiosity, and after inspecting the type of material, I realized I could probably repurpose pieces of the costume. Ringing in at only 8 dollars, this costume was way cheaper than trying to purchase individual skeleton accessories. I went home and got straight to snipping. I cut the legs off of the costume, and was able to use the top portion as an actual top. I reused the gloves by snipping off the finger tips, and could even save the leg pieces to use as leg warmers. I won’t lie, I was pretty impressed. Once I add the face paint on friday, I think the look will really come together! Doing halloween on a budget is tough, but if you get creative there is definitely a way to put together an awesome costume! IMG_3349


Knits for days

I love this knit sweater. Its baggy and fluffy and warm. Im pretty sure that is the quintessential requirements for any winter wardrobe pieces. Having a good quality knit is a must have in cities like Toronto. They are predicting an extremely cold winter again this year, so its best to get your wardrobe equipped for the cold! I know that I will be preparing for the worst 😦 But who knows, maybe mother nature will take some pity on us this year!



When you are neck deep into your fridge complaining that you don’t have anything to eat  – despite your fridge being full, consider making some shakshuka! This easy egg dish can work with almost any veggie that you have in your fridge. My go-to choices are mushrooms, peppers, onions and olives. All you need to do is sautée your favourite veggies, and then add in a can of tomato sauce. I recommend adding fresh tomatoes, and then putting in only a bit of sauce to thicken it. However, if you are looking to cut time, skip the fresh tomatoes and a pasta sauce will work fine. Let the sautéed veggies stew with the sauce for a while, and once it’s bubbling and thick crack some eggs on top. Cover your pan up with a lid so that the eggs cook on top, and after about 10 minutes you will be left with poached eggs in a bed of saucy sautéed veggies. I like to season the sauce with garlic, cayenne, basil and fresh cilantro on top. But like I said, this dish is the epitome of flexibility, any spices will work! Shakshuka is delicious and quick, it’s perfect for a busy week night!


Not your average pumpkin

Ive never given a lot of thought to table settings. I can appreciate when someone goes out of their way to do it, but I’ve never thought about going the extra mile myself. When my cousins came by for Thanksgiving, they had the wonderful idea to add a little creative centrepiece to the tables. We got out some small pumpkins that had been picked earlier in the day and set off on an easy DIY craft. All that was needed was some painters tape, glue and glitter. We went with a chevron pattern, and then covered the pumpkin in glue and gold glitter. It was actually the easiest 5 minute craft that anybody could do. After letting the glue dry for about an hour, we ripped off the tape and were left with a beautiful fall themed centrepiece. It may not have taken a lot of effort, but it looked like we took the day styling and planning the table. Plus, I now have a cute pumpkin to put on my porch for the halloween season. Im thinking of buying some black glitter to make some spookier looking pumpkins. Maybe put the word BOO in black glitter, or a bat design. The possibilities are endless! Dressing up a pumpkin in some glitter is a sure way to impress your guests with very little effort. I would highly recommend this easy DIY!

IMG_8395 IMG_8398 IMG_8399

Goth vibes

I never really outgrew that racoon eye makeup look since high school. Id like to think that I have refined it since my younger years, but who knows if thats true 😉 One of my favourite makeup combinations is a darkly lined eye with a darker lip. For the past while I have been really into the mauve and crimson lip colours. Pretty much any colour that reminds me of red wine is a winner. I purchased a dark mauve colour from MAC called Media. I really love it, but it is a bit high maintenance. It doesn’t always blend well, and it requires a very steady hand, or it bleeds around your mouth. Other than that, I love it. I am going to try going around my mouth with a little foundation to see if that locks in the colour, I’ve heard this is a good trick! I always think I have a bit of a gothic makeup vibe when I rock this style – but I love it.


Work daze

One of the perks of starting a new job is having an excuse to update my wardrobe. I try my best to repurpose my clothing, but inevitably new pieces will need to be added. Unfortunately, I don’t get my first paycheck for a couple weeks. So for now I will have to be creative with what I already own. The office environment isn’t super formal, so that gives me more flexibility. My go to is the high waisted skirt. It’s always classic looking and it suits my body type the best. Another favourite of mine is a cropped blazer. It helps to define my shape, and it keeps me from looking too boxy. I look forward to scanning through the business casual section of stores. I’ve never really needed to have too many formal wardrobe pieces, so I get to build up the basics from scratch 🙂 but until I have some funds, I think I can make do!