Work daze

One of the perks of starting a new job is having an excuse to update my wardrobe. I try my best to repurpose my clothing, but inevitably new pieces will need to be added. Unfortunately, I don’t get my first paycheck for a couple weeks. So for now I will have to be creative with what I already own. The office environment isn’t super formal, so that gives me more flexibility. My go to is the high waisted skirt. It’s always classic looking and it suits my body type the best. Another favourite of mine is a cropped blazer. It helps to define my shape, and it keeps me from looking too boxy. I look forward to scanning through the business casual section of stores. I’ve never really needed to have too many formal wardrobe pieces, so I get to build up the basics from scratch 🙂 but until I have some funds, I think I can make do!




  1. Feline Creatures · October 10, 2014

    Chic! Black and white is always a good idea 😉 – Lena

    • carlybe · October 11, 2014

      Thanks 🙂 I think it might be the only thing I wear!

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