Not your average pumpkin

Ive never given a lot of thought to table settings. I can appreciate when someone goes out of their way to do it, but I’ve never thought about going the extra mile myself. When my cousins came by for Thanksgiving, they had the wonderful idea to add a little creative centrepiece to the tables. We got out some small pumpkins that had been picked earlier in the day and set off on an easy DIY craft. All that was needed was some painters tape, glue and glitter. We went with a chevron pattern, and then covered the pumpkin in glue and gold glitter. It was actually the easiest 5 minute craft that anybody could do. After letting the glue dry for about an hour, we ripped off the tape and were left with a beautiful fall themed centrepiece. It may not have taken a lot of effort, but it looked like we took the day styling and planning the table. Plus, I now have a cute pumpkin to put on my porch for the halloween season. Im thinking of buying some black glitter to make some spookier looking pumpkins. Maybe put the word BOO in black glitter, or a bat design. The possibilities are endless! Dressing up a pumpkin in some glitter is a sure way to impress your guests with very little effort. I would highly recommend this easy DIY!

IMG_8395 IMG_8398 IMG_8399


One comment

  1. Feline Creatures · October 15, 2014

    Such a fun idea! Love the glitters and mint coloring 🙂 – Lena

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