Irreplaceable space

I can’t remember our first kiss. I don’t know what that means. Is this what happens? Gradually my memories will fade, and become replaced with new people, and new times? I don’t want to forget you. I don’t want to have a day where i wake up and I can’t remember your smell, or your touch, or the hidden freckles you have. I know what I’ve lost, but I don’t want to lose it all. I just want to keep a part of you tucked away, irreplaceable space.



I love almost every type of seafood. I especially love the fresh light flavour of mussels. They are super versatile, working in so many different types of sauces and cooking styles. I was always a little intimidated by them because I had this mentality that they were very complicated to cook. Alas, that is not the case! Mussels require very little knowledge to cook, and very few ingredients to make delicious. Some shallots, good white wine, oil and herbs and voila – perfect mussels. Additionally, they are very reasonably priced! My sister made them for me the other night with some hot crusty bread to dip in the leftover sauce and it was the perfect meal. So, if you were ever feeling a little intimidated by these crustaceans, I would like to reassure you that they are super simple to cook, and make for the perfect comfort food. IMG_5365

bang bang – I shot you down

The follow up to my archery adventure was some shooting lessons. I went with two of my friends to the range and got a chance to try out shooting a few different types of guns. What a rush! I had no idea how powerful guns could be. I always knew that larger guns had a kick to them, but you really can’t imagine how intense it is until you try it. When I took my first shot with the shotgun I nearly toppled over. Thankfully my friend knew that I would need assistance and had his hand behind my shoulder to brace me from the kickback. I got a chance to shoot a pistol, rifle, shotgun and a Remington 30-06. The Remington was my favourite gun to shoot because it had a ton of power but wasn’t as aggressive as the shotgun. At the end of the night we brought in an old TV and shot that – obviously the boys idea. It was actually really cool though 🙂 I had a great time shooting, and look forward to trying it again. I would like to learn how to shoot more accurately with the pistol. Overall, I would highly recommend trying out a shooting range if you haven’t been! If you are a smaller girl, I wouldn’t go near the bigger guns – it will hurt you. Im pretty sure my shoulder is still a little bruised from the shotgun. Pistols however are a great option, and the rush you feel is very unique.


Who needs colour?

Whenever I look through my wardrobe and end up with no options, I always default to the same staples – all black everything. Im fairly confidant it is impossible to go wrong with this combination. Black skirt, black shirt, black tights and a statement lip colour, and you have the ingredients for success. I will never tire of black, it just gets me.


Let em fly

I am always on the hunt for cool new activities to try. I love learning new things, especially sports, and I think its important to constantly challenge yourself. When I was little, I always wanted to try archery. Unfortunately, It was never easily accessible, so I never got a chance to give it a shot – hehe. Just recently, I found out that one of my friends at work is a national level archer, and he kindly agreed to teaching me! I won’t lie, its not the easiest thing to learn, but it was a ton of fun. It is such a good feeling when you hit the target, even if it was just a fluke. Hopefully, I can go a few more times so I can learn to improve my aim. Next on the docket is the shooting range! Gotta upgrade from bows to guns 😉


Younger – Seinabo Sey

I would highly recommend purchasing the album For Madeline by Seinabo Sey. Her EP is $4.74 on iTunes, and seriously, money well spent! Each song has a great vibe, and Its very easy listening. The perfect car music. Check her out!!

Quail eggs?

Yesterday I was making one of my favourite comfort food meals – baked breaded eggplant topped with a thick tomato sauce. Basically, its an eggplant Parmesan without the cheese (lactose life). I usually add meat to the tomato sauce to add a little extra substance to the meal, but unfortunately I forgot to grab some at the grocery store. It still tasted amazing vegetarian, I just find that its a little more filling with meat. I like to play around with protein, meat, beans, eggs, I eat just about everything. I thought something that would look very pretty and taste delicious would be to add a fried quail egg on top of the eggplant rounds. It is the perfect size for the eggplant, and I already love the combination of eggs and tomato sauces. I will need to get some quail eggs the next time I shop to test out this theory! Just imagine a nice stack of baked eggplant, a thick rich tomato sauce and then a perfectly fried mini egg on top. Wouldn’t that be perfect? I’m definitely testing out this theory.