bang bang – I shot you down

The follow up to my archery adventure was some shooting lessons. I went with two of my friends to the range and got a chance to try out shooting a few different types of guns. What a rush! I had no idea how powerful guns could be. I always knew that larger guns had a kick to them, but you really can’t imagine how intense it is until you try it. When I took my first shot with the shotgun I nearly toppled over. Thankfully my friend knew that I would need assistance and had his hand behind my shoulder to brace me from the kickback. I got a chance to shoot a pistol, rifle, shotgun and a Remington 30-06. The Remington was my favourite gun to shoot because it had a ton of power but wasn’t as aggressive as the shotgun. At the end of the night we brought in an old TV and shot that – obviously the boys idea. It was actually really cool though 🙂 I had a great time shooting, and look forward to trying it again. I would like to learn how to shoot more accurately with the pistol. Overall, I would highly recommend trying out a shooting range if you haven’t been! If you are a smaller girl, I wouldn’t go near the bigger guns – it will hurt you. Im pretty sure my shoulder is still a little bruised from the shotgun. Pistols however are a great option, and the rush you feel is very unique.



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